1. Getting Started

How do I participate?

First, register online to get your personal User Name and Password. You only need to register once, but be sure to write down your User Name and Password since you will be asked for both whenever you update or change your user profile. Next, simply click on the Training Library link and start training!

How often should I participate?

As often as you like. New product information and quizzes from participating vendors are posted at the beginning of each month, and new prizes are given away every month. We recommend that you participate every day, every month and every quarter!

How do I check my progress?

After you have logged in, just click on the "Report Card" button on the top navigation bar. You can find out there which training modules you have successfully completed and which you have left to take.

Technical Requirements & Recommendations

We continually strive to improve wdsalescollege.com to provide you with the best possible user experience. The current version of wdsalescollege.com is best experienced using Internet Explorer (6.0 or higher), and has been optimized to be viewed at screen resolutions of 1020 x 768 or higher. Additionally, while virtually all of the training may be accessed via a low-speed connection, some content may take some time to load. If you are accessing the site via a dial-up connection, please be patient to allow the pages to load.

2. Prizes

How do I win prizes?

You get automatically entered into prize drawings with every successfully completed quiz. Check out the Prize Page for a description of current giveaways. Each completed vendor training module earns one (1) entry into the monthly prize giveaway.

How do I know if I've won?

Western Digital will notify each Winner via e-mail/phone and verify the Winner’s eligibility and mailing address. If the Winner cannot be contacted or the Winner fails to confirm his/her eligibility and mailing address within 72 hours of notification, an alternate Winner will be selected from the remaining eligible entries for the month. Any prize notification or prize returned as undeliverable will be forfeited and awarded to an alternate Winner.


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